Kick-off towards FINternational network

Have you ever wondered how would an umbrella look alike that brings together people and organizations somehow connected to Finland? What possibilities it could give on both, individuals and organizations?

I have. That is why I founded WorkBoost with my colleague Richard Zilahi. Now we have gathered together 25 amazingly international minded people from 18 nationalities and 10 study fields – All being somehow connected to Finland. Then we have 15 experts from different fields to share their knowhow and sparring project group forward. We would like to thank all our partner organizations who understands the importance of internationalisation. Please find them listed here on our website

Just as an example, think the impact, if with the global network…

  • These people would have a possibility to test and take their ideas or themselves out to the world maintaining the connection with Finland.
  • These universities would have access to attract the brightest minds for study, research and development work to create a better tomorrow
  • These international students, that are educated here, would stay connected with Finland.
  • These companies would, with the help of local knowledge, each increase their export as little as 10 000 euros in year.

And on the top of that all actors in these groups would have tools to identify how right talent meets the right need or have ways to share ideas turning them into actions and innovations.

Those are my thoughts on a very broad level. However, after three months in the middle of August, it is time to end our Summer Project. During this time with brilliant recruited project team we will be bringing those broad ideas into more concrete form with clear plans and prototype. Make sure that you follow us on stay up to date what is happening and share your thoughts because we do this for you!

17.8.2018 is the official day when results of the project will be published. Mark that day on your calendar to be the first to hear how we can make Finland more FINternational.

This post is written by: Sami Puttonen, Founder of WorkBoost