1st week @ workboost

The very first kick-off week at Workboost has come to an end and there were quite a lot of moments I would love to share with you guys who are reading this blog post. And by the way, I am Triet – a member of the Summer Camp project 2018 at Workboost. The atmosphere was, in fact, pretty dynamic from the very beginning. The Summer Camp run by Workboost has got itself a super diverse and potential team for over 25 members coming from 18 different countries in 10 different academic backgrounds.

After only 3 days, the whole team was able to pull off a surprisingly huge number of initial ideas involving in networking between Finnish companies and international talents. From there, we are aiming to create more services for the purpose of helping increase job opportunities for international residents living in Finland generally and in the Tampere region specifically. Having chances to meet Matti Montonen to learn about Innovations as well as Krista Kerälä to discuss service design and design thinking process was truly an eye-opening experience.

We have observed and seen that the market and the demand on this area are actually very exciting and promising. There are also large rooms for further developments in the future and we believe that the project would really bring a lot more job opportunities to International talents who are living in Finland along with international expanding opportunities for Finnish local companies.

There is so much more to come in the following weeks. I personally cannot wait to see how this project would grow and contribute largely to the community!

This post is written by: Triet Ngo, Project team member