Week 2 of Workboost's Summer camp

While the first week was filled with enthusiasm and go-getting attitude from the international bunch, the second week of Workboost painted a more intense picture of the project. Hi, I am Nagla and I will be updating you on the incredible work we are doing for the Workboost SummerCamp Project.

The week started off with a look over at previous week’s progress- tweaking and polishing the ideas and concepts to make things more viable. Though the realization that the world is not all rainbows and butterflies kicked-in every now and then, the excitement did not get wounded in any way! There were two speakers at this week’s workshop: Kimmo Rouhiainen who provided enlightening insights on the very important concept of lean start-up: in which, he talked about how important it is to validate our ideas and provided tools to do so; and Tuire Sofia Krogerus from DIMEX who spoke about how to identify competitive advantages in exports.
Kimmo went through every team’s work on service designing and concept creation that was done in the week before and gave constructive criticism as well as showed the way to take things to the next level and advised us on further improvement. On the other hand, Sofia assured us that it is very important to have our eyes on the goal while having the flexibility to change our thoughts and decisions as we go along in the process of building something new.

Specifically, the constant acquisition of knowledge while on the path of development requires us to keep an open mind and to reflect and change for the bigger picture.
The teams have been cramming to accomplish a concrete structure of interview questions for the Finnish companies to understand their side of the story when it comes to hiring international people as employees and were able to run to the field to get some answers by the end of the week.
It is quite fascinating to see how abstract ideas are taking shape, and all that in only two weeks! Progress is in every Project members’ mind and their attitude towards dealing with the challenges are even more admirable. We have successfully ended the week with answers to the problems that shadowed the job market in Finland for internationals for too long.

This post is written by: Nagla Bahar Prova, Project Team Member, Workboost.