Week 3 of Workboost's Summer camp

Hi everyone! One more week passed by and it is time to share with you what was happening at WorkBoost Summer Camp during the week 3. My name is Victoria and here are my highlights.

First of all, this week was full of hard work and productive hours. The concepts we have been working on during latest weeks are almost ready! Exciting, isn’t it? Next Tuesday we will pitch our ideas of how WorkBoost can support Finland in becoming more international.

Secondly, in the end of the week we got a great opportunity to learn fundamentals of usability testing and UX design from Jan Krebber. Jan is a Head of User Experience at Usability Lab Finland. He has more than 18 years of experience in the field.

Did you know that it is possible to run a UX test just in 4 hours? I did not. I truly believed that such processes take time. Now I cannot wait to start testing our product! Also, Jan shared with us valuable tips on how to facilitate the test. They are:

  • “You must watch what the participant is doing, not only listen what she is saying”.
  • “Answer a question with a question”.

Running a UX study was a very new experience for me! We did our own usability study, learnt how to conduct debriefing and report findings!

Well, these 3 weeks in WorkBoost Summer Camp have been a wonderful journey. I have learned a lot, I have applied my skills and I have met many great people. Perfect!

Thank you everyone for being a part of the summer camp!

This post is written by: Victoria Seredyuk, Project Team Member, Workboost.