Week 4 of Workboost's Summer camp

Hi, I’m Chi, a member of Marketing team at Workboost summer camp, this week is my turn to “shine” in this blog section.
According to the initial timetable, we supposed to have our presentations last week but since every group has so many things to consider in their concepts, Sami_ our CEO_ allowed us to have some extra time and presented our ideas this week. We had four teams presenting in total and I was so surprised how diverse our ideas were. Some thought of using AI in match making, some thought of pricing structure already and some had the idea of collaborating with Universities. We can only have one concept so I guess our founders will have hard time choosing what to use. In the same day, we had 2 speaker. One was Mathias Dahlqvist from Nordic Sales Crew Oy and the other was Tadeusz Jankowski from Plugit.fi.

Mathias Dahlqvist shared with us the basic sales mindset, e.g. “Rejection doesn’t kill you’ and “Cash is king (result-oriented). Some can be use specially in Finland like Finns treasure trust and they are more straight-forward, Small-talk is not needed. This peace of information really confirms what I have learn from a course named “Professional Selling” at school. You can do small talk with Finnish customers but do not go too far with it, one or two sentences are enough. In the afternoon we had Tadeusz’s speech which was about bringing business abroad. One of the things I remember the most is that to go into a certain market, employing someone with local understanding and competence is not enough, that person/those people need to understand the technology or its market in that specific country also. What he said made me question myself whether I have the competence needed to help a company enter Vietnamese market while I have no actual working experience for businesses there? I guess not yet, but sooner or later I have to educate myself more on Vietnamese marketing trend to be able to put my local advantage in to use.

On Wednesday, Kimmo Rouhiaine came back for his second workshop on Lean Management. He introduced us the SPRINT project management tool in which you divide the project in small targets and each of them is a Sprint round. By defining small targets, the project will be easier to be evaluated since we have to plan, build and test in each sprint round. At the end, he went around, talked to each team about their concepts and has raised quite a lot of questions and comments for us to consider which were really useful.
Besides being redivided into team based on our competence like marketing, content creation, sales, business development, service design, video and tech we had another workshop on public speaking and communications with Helena Palha from OkapiTalk. As a marketing student who is thinking of persuade marketing, communication and PR, this workshop was super helpful for me. I’m an extrovert who sees herself gifted in diplomatic activities, even though sometimes I get anxious before a presentation, I’m not afraid of public speaking. Therefore, tips to reduce nervousness like making conversation instead of an act or admit your anxiety, asking questions or making a joke about yourself before the talk are what I have been using many times, but this time, Helena helped me reassure all of the things I did was actually verified and anyone can apply it. It was also really nice to have chance to share my experience in giving presentation and communication in general.

Those are what happens in our 4th week and now I’m so ready to take the concept and start working on its marketing.
What about you? How is your week? How is you job/ project/ summer holiday going?
Feel free to share this blog post and share your week with us! Workboost always welcomes international minded talents like you!

This post is written by: Chi Tran, Project Team Member, Workboost.