From ideas to concept

When WorkBoost FINternational Summer camp started some weeks ago, I was nervous and excited to see how things will start to work. After all we brought 25 people together who did not know each other before and made them to work on diverse teams. Group transformed into teams successfully and with bit re-organizing schedule, it was already 4th week when four different concepts where presented by teams.

These four concepts each approach problems slightly different perspectives which provided an excellent opportunity to unite them into one core concept. That is now on whole project teams common focus, where three central factors are

  1. international minded talents,
  2. network and community, and
  3. validated matchmaking.

After sparring these with my mentor, three things pointed were pinned out, which were conceptualising, creating awareness and technical development, regarding new concept. New competence-based teams were formed around those themes, to create structures on how built engaging and validated ecosystem first to Finland helping Startups & SME.’s, but in the following phase, as soon as possible, expand it to cover over Nordic-Baltic region. And externally, good things have happened as well. We have formed a partnership with company called Prepaird.

David Sternhufvud, their CEO has been working identifying and forming different skill frameworks several years, and they have built a powerful competence and skill structures-based HR software that allows efficiently manage talent pool. WorkBoost supports with its services technological advantage that Prepaird can provide, so together we can serve our customers in the best possible ways.

Together we have openedup discussions with one important stakeholder related on talent attraction and internationalisation in Finland. The focus of WorkBoost on international minded talents employment and helping companies in Finland to have safe channel to grow, has also receive positive feedback on several other actors in Finland. However, yet is too early to discuss about those more detailed or reveal any names. No deny, journey has not been the easiest one and will surely won’t be in future either. But when being able to do exactly what I love,

I’m ready go that extra mile just to get over the challenges. I’m interested see how far we can actually take this during the project. Overall by this far Summer Camp -project has been successful and it is very interesting to see all the solutions we finally come out with.

This post is written by Sami Puttonen, Founder or WorkBoost