Week 5 of Workboost's Summer camp

While the week started with a slight reshuffling of the teams and a renewed focus, we continued to brainstorm some brilliant ideas on colourful post-it notes. My name is Anuradha and I will walk you through the events and happenings of week 5 at WorkBoost Summer Camp.

We had three visitors this week who shared their expert knowledge with us: Harri Ketamo, Founder & Chairman, HeadAI, Jennifer Johnson, Community Manager, Millennial Board Community Tampere, and Ukko Järvinen, Sales Director, Markkinointitoimisto Bermuda Oy.

Harri’s presentation ‘The World of AI’ demystified Artificial Intelligence or AI as something out of this world. To put is simply: Artificial Intelligence is a machine that performs ‘cognitive thinking’ like you and me. However, it can only ‘think’ because it is programmed, scripted, and works on algorithms. AI is an interesting area of study divided into the generic, narrow, and specific. AI can do amazing things that humans cannot; like reading 1000 pages in 10 seconds or predicting what illnesses you can have in future based on complex algorithms. It was also important to see the limitations of AI in areas of creativity and sensitive decision-making. Moreover, Harri gave us some insights on where to apply AI in our project. For all the buzz that surrounds AI the fact of the matter is this- it is there to help humans not to replace them.

Jennifer’s workshop on ‘Innovator’s DNA’ took us on a trip down memory lane where we shared with each other our childhood ambitions. We were introduced to new ways of thinking about innovation which is a lot like creativity; while 30% is genetic, 70% can be learnt. You are more likely to innovate if you have studied, lived, or worked in two different countries and took two different subject areas for higher education. Activities like asking 25 questions in 5 mins every morning will help you build your ‘innovation muscles’. She discussed 5 elements that drive innovative thinking: Questioning, Observing, Discovery, Networking, and Experimenting. Keeping this in mind, we all agreed that children are the best innovators for the ways they combine these 5 elements. Now when I connect the dots, it makes sense why Jennifer started with our childhood dreams; we are all innovators.
The third and final presentation of the week introduced the concept of Value Proposition Canvas.

For our project, Ukko advised us to think of talents and companies not as individuals but groups and types. There has to be trust between the company and customers, and to build that it is important to ask ourselves a few questions: What do you want them to know? Who you are? Why should they take your services? Finally, Ukko suggested that in the current stage of our project we must take educated guesses and base our decisions on facts.
Though it was a small glimpse into the WorkBoost Summer Camp, our days are not only brainstorming, laptop screens, and work. Sometimes, there are little surprises like free ice cream!

Anuradha Sroha, WorkBoost Team-Member