Week 6 of Workboost's Summer camp

Hello! We are Joel and Helmiina and we are two Finnish talents in our FINternational team. We have decided to collaborate in this week’s blog post and share our thoughts on this project so far.

So what are us two Finns doing in this summer camp? While the word “international” is often used to refer to people coming outside of Finland, we believe that Finns can be considered as international talents in their own country as well. It’s all about the right mindset! We have both spent an exchange semester abroad and have also been very active in the international student life here in Tampere. We believe that internationalization benefits not only ourselves, but the whole country.

We are both part of the “Creating Awareness” -team, which is divided into three sub-teams: marketing, partnerships/sales and social media. Joel is part of the marketing team whereas Helmiina is in the partnerships and sales team. This week the marketing team has thought of plans to attract talents to WorkBoost, and soon we might see a leisure event aimed for international-minded people. The partnerships team has started contacting different stakeholders and so far the feedback has been positive.

We also participated in Vainu training session on Thursday. Vainu will, for example, help us find potential partners, and give us lots of opportunities by providing a broad dataset.

There were two workshops this week. On Tuesday, Marianna Halonen from Microsoft talked about modern workplace and cloud services. We were asked to come up with 10 good and 10 bad ideas about a proper modern workplace - then Marianna teared up the good ones and made us create something positive of the bad ones. On Thursday, Vesku Ruottinen, the famous face from Tribe, gave us a self-leadership workshop, where we blindfolded our partners in order to gain trust.

After that we discussed the five dysfunctions of a team, of which lack of trust is the key issue. We were also asked to arrange a meeting with somebody to have a discussion about trust, so after work we decided to continue with the theme over a glass of wine!

This post is written by: Helmiina Äimälä, and Joel Passoja, Project Team Members, Workboost.