Week 7 of Workboost's Summer camp

We are now approaching the 7th week of our summer camp. Hi, My name is Karen Ahtiainen and I am part of the marketing team in the Creating Awareness group. I joined the summer camp as I believe it is time for the world to get to know more about what Finland businesses has to offer and we, the international minded people can help the Finnish businesses in their journey towards internationalisation.

This week all the teams are still working hard to finalise the Workboost concept. We are almost there. For the marketing team, we are finalising the marketing plan for the talents and while we are working on an awesome plan for the talents, we are also working on creating an effective plan for the companies. We have decided to launch both plans in August due to the summer holiday.

We also had a few visitors this week to help all the teams. On Tuesday, Kaisa Puttonen gave us an info session about true and fake news and how to spot them. On Wednesday, Jan Krepper came back to continue his workshop on UI/UX user testing and David Stenhufvud from Prepaird helped us with the skill framework to create precise job match for the talents and companies. Then on Thursday, Yuliya Nesterenko who is a TED talker gave us a workshop on various ice breaker techniques and communication tricks to engage our audience.

All the teams are excited and working hard on creating a unique and mind blowing concept to help the businesses grow and the same time, assist the talents in their career path. Keep following our blog post to find out more on Workboost summer camp progress!

This post is written by: Karen Ahtiainen, Project Team Members, Workboost.