Week 9 of Workboost's Summer camp

Week 9 of Workboost Summercamp

As we gradually process our skills in efforts to meet our goals at Workboost, a new week just ended but it’s always good to acknowledge that some days of our lives we live and forget, we’re all looking for our own heading in life and we take each and every opportunity to seek greatness within our colleagues and job opportunities for brighter futures. I’m currently in the service design team and it’s going really well but it’s always nice to portray a new perspective sometimes too.

A key element of Workboost is Intercultural Communication, it’s always important when encountering someone from a different culture. Lack of information leads to conflicts, but if we manage to take a look at things from the other person’s point of view, it can really change how things are settled. It helps people understand each other and allows the power of collaboration and different points of view to create something greater, and make the world a bit better. It would be so boring and pointless if all people believed the same and acted the same way. The true power of humanity is in the uniqueness and different minds, which is a good advantage for us at WorkBoost, having all of us working together and building our network though different cultures and making new friends while developing newer ideas. As week 9 just ended we all worked in our own teams to focus on our key goals so by next week we can put them all into a more official concept by having all the necessary questions answered & developing everything a bit more by each day in hopes to have such a great outcome by the end of the camp.

If we take a look at a building, an engineer sees the structure, a geographer sees the surrounding area and its effect on the building, a painter sees colours and forms, someone with philosophic values questions if it’s really a building or not, or is the existence of it necessary, a doctor wonders if it contains any toxin or minerals that could be harmful for people, a businessman will think of a way to make money from that building, a mathematician will want to measure it and turn that building into a huge amount of numbers and so on. People are different, have different values, different mindsets, they have sense for different things. And this is how it’s supposed to be. If everyone was an engineer, we would have tons of buildings, machines and tools, but we wouldn’t have artworks, gardens, books, delicious food, movies, or comedians. Therefore we have to learn to live with each other in peace, and use our advantages combined. The best way to do that is studying different types of cultures, and respecting one’s beliefs and traditions for example, how our leader Sami Puttonen has developed the idea for our Summercamp and made it all possible for us to get along, having a great variety of guest speakers and helpers to lead us in the right direction as a team. So, within brainstorming our ideas, collaborating highly on a bigger scale and reading our books containing infinite life, we create our own life we love and enjoy on each day we live.

This Post was Written by Conor Reid Caldwell, Service Designer, WorkBoost.