Week 10 of Workboost's Summer camp

10th week of WorkBoost is now over and we’re moving fast towards the final result. On this week we have been in our own teams working and trying to think how to get the final pieces together.

Our names are Senni and Veikka and we’re part of the videoteam in WorkBoost. Our job has been filming SummerCamp in general and making different kind of interview videos to get people know what WorkBoost is all about.

Last week we were working together with the marketing team, to make short commercial type of videos about our concept. So we filmed one of those where the main stars are our very own SummerCamp talents. It’s incredible to see how everyone works together and wants to make this summer project work in the future, even though it sometimes needs hopping in front of the camera.

Making different kind of videos, specially for a start up company has been very instructive and also rewarding. We have learned about thinking new ideas from the business perspective and also it has made ourself pondering about entrepreneurship later in the future.

There is three weeks left of the SummerCamp and we are already really inspired and motivated from the people around us. Getting good feedback from diverse study fields helps us to see new point of views from our work.

We can’t wait to see the final result, but we’re already proud about what we’ve accomplished so far.

This post is written by: Veikka Aasla & Senni Hurskainen, Team Members, Workboost.