Week 13 of Workboost's Summer camp

Suddenly the 13th week of the Summer Camp sneaked up on us which means the end of an amazing journey of hard work, sweat and tears – yes it was a very hot summer, and everyone got new friendships and with a blink of an eye we will not see each other every week at Tribe, having lunch at the university and laughing together about the small things in life.

90 days has passed since the Summer Camp kicked off the 22nd of May, and I can only say that we have been running, turning around, going very slow and from time to time rethought the whole idea of WorkBoost, by having what seems close to a therapy session, because what was it we set ourselves out to do? How to make Finland more FINternatinal? That was and still is our mission.

The last week was spend with finishing the presentation that revealed what we have been working on, as well as giving everyone information about what the Summer Camp was all about, what we learned and accomplished as the fantastic diverse team of international minded people that participated in this project.
A presentation can be tricky; too long gets boring, too short can be less informative, no pictures can be tiring and if there is only text it can confuse the audience, therefore it was a task that we had to work efficiently on and pay attention to the details, but not everyone could work on it at the same time.
One team was still working on finding future customers, and another was breaking their brains in creating the platforms where talents and companies meet. Even though we have met the finish line of the project, WorkBoost will carry on developing the concepts that has been created throughout the last 3 months and when we are ready we will launch what will become the new networking era between talents and companies in the Nordic-Baltic region, so keep tuning in on our website and social media channels so you do not miss any news from WorkBoost.

Friday the 17th, at 1:30 PM, in the auditorium at Tampere University of Technology, the coffee was served! The presentation started at 2:00 PM and Sami Puttonen, founder of WorkBoost, had brought his charisma and gave a perfect presentation, telling the audience about what WorkBoost will be focusing on in the future and what we are ready to offer right now.
With a couple of questions answered, it was time for the participants of the Summer Camp to graduate with a certificate and handshake from Sami, and not to forget a group picture that can memorise the first group campers in the WorkBoost Summer Camp Project.

To all the participants I would like to say: Thank you all for signing up for this project in the first place. Thank you for bringing your awesome ideas to the table, and to be ready to take a U-turn when something changed. Thank you all for showing up with your great positive spirit every week – it has been a pleasure to get to know you and work with. Best of luck in the future.

Now we are raising our first round. If you want to hear more, check our pitch video for more information.

This post is written by Simon Sørensen, HR Intern at WorkBoost.